Monday, September 29, 2014

PSA: Daily Pint & Growler Discounts

Somehow we've made it nearly to the end of September which means the holidays aren't far behind. Whether you're thinking it might be wise to rein in the beer spending a bit or thinking ahead to showing visitors that we not only have amazing beer here but you can get it for amazing prices, here's a round up of deals on pints and growlers.

$2.50 pints at Fire on the Mountain (3 locations), Lompoc Tavern and Lompoc Oaks Bottom
$3 pints at Migration Brewing
$8 growler fills at McMenamins (all locations; beer chosen by each location) and Mash Tun

$2 pints at Mash Tun
$2.50 pints at Lompoc 5th Q and Lompoc Hedge House
1/2 price pints at EastBurn
$3 pints at Alameda and The Hoppy Brewer
$10 growler fills at Fire on the Mountain (3 locations) and PDX U-Brew

$3 pints at Burnside Brewing and PDX U-Brew
$8 growler fills at Mad Greek Deli and Occidental
$10 growler fills at PDX U-Brew

$2 pints at Portland Brewing (after 6pm)
$2.50 pints at Mad Greek Deli (after 6pm)

2-4-1 growler fills at Portland Brewing

$5 growler fills at Alameda Brewing
2-4-1 growler fills at Pints Brewing

$2 pints at The Standard
$8 growler fills at Migration Brewing

$7 growler fills at Hot Lips Pizza (after 8pm)
$9 grower fills at 39th Mini Mart (SE 39th Ave; on selected beer of the week)

I'm sure there are a few similar deals on pints and growler fills around town that have gone undetected by my radar. If you know of any ($3 & under pints/$10 & under growler fills), leave a comment and I'll add them to the post. Your fellow drinkers thank you.

Monday, September 22, 2014

A Weekend of Feast-ing

This past weekend was a fitting one to say an official good-bye to summer (today is the Autumnal Equinox) and the perfect weather for all of the Feast Portland events that took place. I was fortunate enough to have been asked to attend and "report back" by my friends over at #pdxbeergeeks. If you're so inclined, pop on over there to read about my visits to the Grand Bounty and Brunch Village.

Warning: not responsible for any resulting drool puddles or seemingly inexplicable cravings.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Two Firsts: Enjoying a Scottish Ale & Being on Live Radio

Recently I had the opportunity to be on the radio for the first time as a guest on Ginger Johnson's weekly show, Beer Radio, on KSKQ 89.5 FM. Not only would we be talking about all things beer but its timeslot lands conveniently during happy hour so it only seemed appropriate that I have a glass of hop goodness to whet my whistle during the show.

Shortly before "go time" I opened the fridge and pulled out a recent beer mail gift - Noble Scot from Portland Brewing. This fall season is not a style that I usually drink as many Scottish Ales I've had in the past have been too malty or sweet for my palate. However as I have mentioned before, beers are continually surprising me so dove in with an open mind and palate. What I found was a slightly sweet aroma and beautiful, rich amber color once poured. Contrary to my memory of Scottish Ales past, there was a pleasant nutty flavor that I found quite enjoyable from the first sip to the bottom of the bottle.

At 6.5% it is an easy drinking beer and suitable for times, like live radio, when one needs to keep their wits about them. Perhaps you'll grab a bottle and que up the archived version of Beer Radio to listen to me ramble on about my favorite beverage.