Thursday, April 16, 2015

Baker's Dozen Event Gets Saturday's Drinking Started Early

Saturday Brian Yaeger is providing you the perfect excuse to start your weekend day drinking early (if you and your liver are still functioning by then) with his Baker's Dozen event. Taking place at Culmination Brewing it will feature 13 coffee beers and an equal number of doughnuts, although it will be up to you to decide your own pairings. All but one of the beers is from an Oregon brewery and was made using locally roasted coffee. The one exception is from Funky Buddha from Florida, a brewery not currently distributed in Oregon, who is sending a keg of Maple Bacon Coffee Porter. Beers will be served in 3-ounce size and doughnuts will be quartered.

Boneyard The Backbone - chocolate-espresso stout with Backporch Coffee
Breakside Salted Caramel Mocha Stout - Salted Caramel Stout with Stumptown Holler Mountain Coffee
Cascade Oblique Stout - golden ale with Oblique Coffee
Coalition Loving Mug - Loving Cup Maple Porter with Ristretto Coffee
Culmination/Kells collaboration - coffee cream ale with Bridgetown Coffee
Falling Sky Coffee Table Bier - 3% ABV table beer with Global Delights Coffee
Feckin Top o’ the Feckin Morning - chocolate espresso stout with Happyrock Coffee
Gigantic Too Much Coffee Man - Belgian Black ale with Coava Coffee
Hopworks Double Shot Survival Stout - Survival Stout with twice the usual amount of Stumptown Coffee
Laurelwood Organic Espresso Stout - made with Portland Roasting Coffee
McMenamins Crystal Brewery Turkish Brown - brown ale with McMenamins’ own roasted coffee and cardamom
Oakshire Orange Mocha Frappuccino - special request beer from brewmaster Matt Van Wyk taking Oakshire’s Overcast Espresso Stout and adding cocoa nibs, orange zest and Wandering Goat Coffee
Funky Buddha Maple Bacon Coffee Porter**

Annie’s - apple fritter
Blue Star - blueberry basil bourbon
Coco Donuts - chocolate espresso raised
Delicious - blueberry cake
Donut-o-rama - crème brulee
Fleur de Lis - potato doughnut
Helen Bernhard Bakery - glazed raspberry jelly
Moody’s (Rocking Frog Café) - cinnamon cake
Tonalli’s - banana buttermilk bar
Tulip Pastry Shop - half & half
Voodoo - Oh Captain, My Captain
Stacatto Gelato - Migration Brewing Terry's Porter glazed

Sweetpea Baking - lemon-pistachio chocolate (vegan)

Baker's Dozen Coffee Beers & Doughnuts
Saturday, April 18, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Culmination Brewing, 2117 NE Oregon St.
Tickets are $20 ($10 if you're a CBC badge holder ) and limited to 300.

**IMPORTANT UPDATE: At 2:40pm 4/16 I received word that there is only a 1/6bbl of this beer, meaning there is only enough for 200 samples. So if you're going make sure to ask for it right away.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Beer & Cookies: Sweet Local Bites & Beer

To start this week of decadence (a.k.a. #CBC2015) off I present you with a pairing of local craft beer and cookies.

Sunday was National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day and two of my favorite foodies were contestants in Franz's grilled cheese competition. It was held at Migration Brewing and going into it all I knew was that I was looking forward to trying all four of the grilled cheese creations. What I didn't know until after the Franz folks checked my I.D. and stamped my hand was that I'd also be getting tickets for two free pints of beer!

The sandwiches were amazing but what was possibly even better is that I found two of Migration's beers are killer with Franz's Frosted Party Animals. I don't know that I would have ever on my own thought to pair little frosted cookies (but only the white ones, not the pink ones) with a schwartz beer but when there are bags of cookies on every table in sight it's impossible for me to resist.

Mag had a pint of Terry's Porter on nitro and combined with the cookies it was like (chocolate) milk and cookies. It was the sweeter of the two pairings, with the roastiness of my Too Schwartz countering some of the cookie sweetness but if you have a chance to try either - Do It!

To see a bunch of drool-inducing pictures of the grilled cheese event head over to Instagram and search #franzgrilledcheezeday.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day Trippin': Down South

Our recent situation change has given us the freedom to do day trips with much more ease than we've been accustomed to. And after living in Portland for nearly five years we realized that we haven't gotten "out" very much, a realization that came with some regret that there are probably plenty of great places and things we haven't seen. So a couple weekends ago we set our sights on Silver Falls State Park as our first "empty nest" day/half-day trip.

Before we hit the road we picked up supplies for a simple picnic lunch, then off we went, on the approximately 75 minute drive from our inner SE Portland abode. We opted to take 205 to 213/214 (I-5 is another option) to Sublimity, OR, just a bit south and east of Silverton. The park was surprisingly busy for the last weekend in March and the weather a bit cool but we found a picnic table in the sun and ate while we figured out which path to set out on.

Neither of us being hikers and not in the mood for anything with much difficulty we chose a route that took us past a few falls along a two mile or so course. The number of people, especially the couple with a stroller and mom with a bum arm, was more challenging to deal with that the terrain, although there were a few steep areas but it was a relatively easy walk that went behind the two falls. Pretty cool.

Back at the car, with the nature/park/hiking itch scratched we started to feel the beer itch. Being a stone's throw (ok, probably only if you were a giant) from Silverton we decided to pop into the taproom at Seven Brides Brewing. This is a place we'd visited the last couple of years on our way to the Oregon Garden Brewfest and found the same friendly woman behind the bar. As we enjoyed our pints we plotted the rest of the day and decided to make our way back towards Portland with a stop in Oregon City.

You may have heard some beer news out of Oregon City lately, that Coin Toss Brewing is opening up there, but our destination was Oregon City Brewing Co. I'm not sure what I expected but I know I didn't expect a good-sized, dedicated parking lot, nice patio set up and 40+ tap lines. That day the list included six of their own beers, a great selection of other craft beers plus three ciders and four wines. If you aren't able to find something to drink from their menu then you should probably just go to the grocery store and pick up a sixer of some crap macro.

The inside and outside were about as busy as one would suspect for a sunny Sunday mid-afternoon with a record player behind the bar sending out some old school tunes. The staff was inviting and friendly, pouring mostly pints but filling growlers as well. Perhaps the best overheard conversation was a patron with two growlers that asked the beertender how many growlers he could have filled at one time. The beertender's answer: How much money do you have?

All of the house beers we had were solid and without going into detail, suffice it to say that it's worth the drive to Oregon City to visit OCB. If you're looking to make more of a day of it or want some "nature time" as well, include Silver Falls State Park in your day trip plans with a stop at Seven Brides.