Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Almost Like Reliving the Glory Days

Kris and I joined Kat and Scott for a bit of homework on a new feature for Scott's website (a listing of craft-beer bars in the Twin Cities - http://http://scott.mcgerik.com/craft-beer-bars-in-the-twin-cities/ ). I've done more mid-week drinking since we met the McGeriks than at almost any time since college. Dangerous. Very dangerous. It's almost like college all over again, albeit without the shameless leering at any maiden, fair or foul and the lack of self control...well, okay, without the leering anyway. First up was Sweeney's Saloon and Cafe:
  • The Good - fine beer selection, Monday movie's on the patio (e.g. Big Lebowski, Beerfest, and other high-brow flicks)
  • The Bad - there was a definite urine smell in the bar area...maybe it was those damn wine drinkers in the wine bar that takes up half of Sweeney's
  • The Ugly - Too-tan Malibu girls hawking crappy booze, although it was free

And after we got ourselves a bit lubricated, it seemed only right to head over to Pizza Luce in St. Paul for some more beer, 'za, and more homework.

  • The Good - well, I normally prefer my Luce 'za at about midnight when I'm three sheets to the wind, but this was still some damn tasty grub, decent beer selection
  • The Bad - hmm, the poor tatoo job that Kat did on my wife
  • The Ugly - they've got a painting of some kind of chicken lady on their wall. Check it out. As you walk back to the bathrooms, it'll be the last painting on your left (assuming it hasn't been purchased by some lecherous chicken lover). Creeeeeepy.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable evening. Good beer, good friends, and good pizza. And due to a rare modicum of self control, no hangover.

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  1. Yep. Sweeney's needs to do something about the urine aroma pervading the bar. We were there two nights ago and it still stunk of homeless people wetting themselves.