Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bigger Courage, Smaller Brain

I came across this story today at cnn.com talking about drinking's effect on brain size. Overall, the story doesn't say a whole lot, but one thing it does confirm is a suspicion I've had about booze shriveling up women's brains. "In women, even moderate drinkers had a smaller brain volume than abstainers or former drinkers." Whereas, with men, this was only noted in heavy drinkers. This seems like enough of a compelling reason to require sober-cab duty from the women in our lives with more frequency. Also, it's proably prudent to split all six packs with four bottles to the men and two to the women so as to prevent any shrinkage imbalances. Sorry ladies, but it's science!


  1. Dude. I didn't learn that in my college biology class. You are so smart.

  2. Lady Di, all that there is to learn is not found in college texts!