Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday? No, My Friend. Great Friday.

Today's gonna be a Good Friday, and I don't mean in the Christian sense. There will be no crucifixions (well, maybe in the Phillipines but not at my house), no scourging at any pillars, no crowning of thorns. I expect interference from my Jewish neighbors. I'll walk over there shortly and inform them that if they want to throw stones at someone, they'd better not be throwing them at me.

Instead, Kris and I are taking half the day off to grill out, drink beer, and enjoy the day with friends. "But wait, Mag, you don't need to take off work half a day to drink beer!" Ahh, but yes I do. Kris and I are sitting on a bounty of fine beers from last weekend's foray into Wisconsin. We've got Stone, Oskar Blues, Dark Horse and even some Hitachino just asking to be drank (drinked? drunk?)...not to mention a bevy of many other bevvies.

Damn it's good being an upstanding, red-blooded, beer-drinking American!


  1. I'll be over there later to help you empty out that fridge. I hate to see a fridge just sitting there full of beer.

  2. Save the Coors Light on the door for me!

  3. That is an obscenity of riches!

    Save some for me!

  4. Lol, Eric, you weren't supposed to see that. That beer is probably 6 or 7 years old at this point.

  5. Seeing that fridge makes me feel less guilty about how full mines is. Though my fridge is also supposed to contain food....

    Too bad I'm at work because it makes me thirsty as well.

  6. Don't feel bad about the Silver Blank - not only do have a few MGD's and other canoe-brand beers on hand for the (be nice) fiercely brand loyal rustics, but I also have some old Natty's Light that's as old as the Iowa State coaching scandal which prompted me to buy said beer. Their only use now is for Beer Darts.

    The contents of your fridge are a sight to behold - you've far surpassed my milk house, which is a good thing because the thaw has raised the temperature in there beyond the see-your-breath threshold.