Monday, May 3, 2010

The Beer Fridge

It's been about six months since I last let you peer into my beer fridge so take a look at what we currently have stockpiled.As you can clearly see, there is a wide variety and quite a lot of Surly in there. There's some of the standard stuff - Bender, Furious, Coffee Bender - as well as some harder to find stuff - Darkness, Four, Abrasive.

We're probably at our all time low on growlers, having just polished off two (Vine Park Black Bavarian and Fitger's Honeymoon Stout) Sunday night with friends. The lone full growler is the second of two Great Water's Giant Star. We drank the other just a couple weeks ago and it was still quite tasty even after sitting for about six months.

There's some random Belgians, mostly given to us by other people. There's also a few bombers that are relatively new that I'm looking forward to checking out - Boulevard Smokestack Series Rye on Rye, Deschutes Hop Henge, and New Holland El Mole Ocho.


  1. I'm available to taste test any old beers you have. You know, just to make sure they haven't gone bad. I guess I'm just a giverm ;)

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  3. What is that Hell doing in there? Drink that stuff, the new batches are in the tanks!