Saturday, November 20, 2010

$3 (or less) Pints Any Day of the Week

It’s no surprise that we’re surrounded by great beer out here in Portland. And due to their less restrictive laws (compared to Minnesota), if you want a particular beer, we’ll go with Laurelwood Free Range Red as an example, you have more options than just going to one of the Laurelwood locations. Not only can you find bottles of it at many stores, but you can find it on tap at many other local establishments.

Beyond good beer, there are some darn good prices to be found as well. First of all, since there’s no sales tax here, the price listed is the price. Not only easier on the wallet, but super easy when figuring the tab. Secondly, if you look around you can find some rock bottom prices on really good beer. If you’re coming out this way and are looking for some cheap drinking, or just want to torture yourself if you’re not, check this out.

Monday-Friday 3-6pm:
$2.50 taps at Bread & Ink Café
$3 pints at Alameda

$2.50 pints of Lompoc beers all day at Oaks Bottom
$2 pints & $6 pitchers at Fire on the Mountain (6-10pm)

$2 pints at The Eastburn (4pm-close)
$2.50 pints of Lompoc beers all day at Hedge House

$3 pints at Coalition (one beer selected each week)

$6 pitchers in Rock Bottom’s Pool Room (11am-4pm)

$10 pitchers at Coalition all day with an OLCC card
$3 pints of local beers at Hawthorne Hophouse all day

This is only a partial listing; I’m sure there are many more great deals around town that I’ve yet to discover. And although it doesn’t make up for missing out on the free hour of beers every Saturday at Town Hall or the four hours of $1 beers at Great Waters every Sunday, it certainly helps soothe the sting.


  1. I wonder if we can even get $3 macro beers here in Minnesota. Maybe some rural or semi-rural tavern has cheap macro beers.

  2. I don't know; maybe your mission should be to make a thorough exploration into that subject between now and your move.

  3. Can't even describe how freaking jealous I am. I will be using this info whenever we make it to Portland.