Sunday, October 30, 2011


Sage, an herb I’ve come to really enjoy after growing a plant this year, managed to find its way into my mouth twice yesterday. Twice in very delicious, however very different ways.

Hitting up a food cart pod for lunch before doing some beer shopping I couldn’t pass up a pork belly sandwich from Lardo. And I figured as long as I was in it that far, I might as well add on some of their Lardo fries (fried in actual pork fat), especially since they were offering them “dirty”: with pork bits and MamaLil’s peppers. When they came out not only were there pork and peppers, but also fried pieces of rosemary and yes, sage! I don’t know whose idea it was to fry up some sage leaves but not only did it keep them brilliantly green but really tasty.

Fast forward a few hours to the Halloween party we attended. I knew ahead of time that there would be a keg of Blackberry Sage Porter brewed especially for the party from Short Snout Brewing, with the help of the evening’s host, Michael. Having been impressed by all of the Short Snout beers I’ve had to date, I was excited to try another one and one with an interesting combination of ingredients to boot. The beer was absolutely delicious and extremely sessionable. While a sage flavor didn’t stand out, it certainly served a supporting role, complimenting the blackberry. With any luck Short Snout’s Kickstarter campaign will be successful and more folks will get to try this amazing beer.

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  1. Sage is easily my favorite herb this time of year. I'm gonna need you to send me that meal pronto. And blackberry sage porter, I'm in. That needs to come too. Happy Halloween!