Saturday, January 14, 2012

4 Goses of the Apuckerlips

I appreciate clever names so when I heard Cascade Brewing Barrel House was having a vertical tasting called “4 Goses of the Apuckerlips” I knew it was something I needed to go to. The tasting consisted of Spring and Winter Goses from 2011 and Autumn and Summer Goses from 2010. I wasn’t able to go the first night it was offered, but thankfully neither was enough other people, and there was still some of each beer left the next day.

From left to right:
Winter – spiced with rose hips, orange peel and cinnamon
Autumn – spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg and orange peel
Summer – spiced with coriander
Spring – spiced with wild chamomile, lemon peel and culinary lavender

Although each was only two ounces, I made my way back and forth through the seasons multiple times and in doing so the story of The Three Bears came to mind. Instead of being too hot or too cold, too soft or too hard I found the Spring to be too floral and the Autumn and Winter to be too spicy. But the Summer, the Summer was just right. The Autumn and Winter both grew on me and improved as they warmed but it was the Summer, a subtly sour wheat beer, that won it for me.

Did you make it to the tasting? If so, was there one that was just right for you?

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  1. A good Gose can't be beat with me. The coriander addition is especially appealing. When I get to Portland, I'll be sure to go to Cascade.