Saturday, July 20, 2013

Beer & Dessert

My last attempt at a beer and dessert pairing was with four kinds of Girl Scout cookies that spanned from really good to mediocre. Beyond that I've pretty much left it to the experts putting together beer dinners to present me with something that works well together. Last night I wound up with a completely unplanned pairing. This is how it went down.

A buddy and I went to Bar Bar and I tried to order some Corn Nuts to go with my beer but they were out. Bummed, I glanced back at their brief wall menu and the item directly below Corn Nuts was "brownie." What came out was not just a standard sized square brownie, but one that was probably a fourth of an 8x8 pan. The brownie was moist and delicious on its own but what really surprised me was how well it went with my pint of Lagunitas IPA. It was a random, delicious stroke of luck that I probably couldn't have done better had I planned it.

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