Friday, July 4, 2014

Open & Closed: Where You Can & Cannot Drink on the 4th

While I can't guarantee this is an all-inclusive list, here's what I've gleaned from the interwebs over the last couple of days about places around Portland being open or closed today. When in doubt, give the place you want to visit a shout!

13 Virtues - open normal hours
Bridgetown Beerhouse - open 12 - 5 pm
Breakside Brewery (pub) - open 12 - 7 pm
Concordia Ale House - open normal hours
Deschutes PDX Pub - open 11 am - midnight
EastBurn - open at 10 am for brunch
Fire on the Mountain - open until 9 pm
Gigantic Brewing taproom - open 12 - 8 pm
Hair of the Dog - open normal hours
Harvester Brewing - open normal hours

Imperial Bottle Shop - open 9 am - 12 am (or later)
Lompoc (all pubs) - open but closing early (between 8 & 9 pm)
Lucky Lab (NW Quimby & N Killingsworth locations - open 12 - 8 pm (limited food menu)
Reverend Nat's - open 5 - 10 pm
StormBreaker Brewing - open 12 pm-12 am

The BeerMongers - open normal hours

Feckin Brewing
Migration Brewing
Occidental Brewing
PDX U-Brew (also closed July 5th, open Sunday)
Sasquatch Brewing
The Commons Brewery

Beer Specials
Breakside Brewery (pub) - discounted growlers & bottles
Growler Guys - $1 off 1 growler fill, $2 off the 2nd fill, $3 off the 3rd fill, $4 off the 4th fill July 3rd & 4th. The catch is that you have to purchase them all at once AND show the email (I can help there) but hey, it's a long weekend so that shouldn't be a problem, right?

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