Wednesday, August 13, 2014

3 Reasons to Visit The Mash Tun Brewpub

When was the last time you visited The Mash Tun on NE Alberta? Months ago, years ago, maybe never? Then it's high time you stopped in.

I can't say it's a place I visit more than a few times a year, mostly because I just don't get up NE Alberta much and when I do there are so many places competing for my attention (many of which I was reminded of as I was making my way there last night). To help me remember to go more often and to prompt you to do the same, here are three reasons you should pay them a visit.

1. Their Alberta St Pale Ale is a deliciously bitter, full flavored beer. While pale ale purists may say it leans too far in the IPA direction I find it lovely and highly drinkable.
2. They have a great patio. Not only does it double their seating but it backs up garden boutique Thicket and is adjacent to Pine State's patio. You'll have no idea you're sitting just steps from bustling Alberta.
3. Tuesdays are $2 pint days. Yes, you read that right, $2 for any house pint all day. Add in their daily happy hour food offerings (3 - 6 pm) and you've got one of the least expensive ways around here to spend a Tuesday evening.

On previous visits the food has been hit or miss but I'm pretty sure I've always gobbled up their tots and I have a friend who can never pass up their beet salad.

As for the rest of their beers, again, hit and miss. Their IPAs, generally only one is available at a time but they change periodically (last night it was a single-hop version using Galena hops), are generally serviceable but not outstanding. Mag found his Blackberry Oatmeal Ale to taste a bit homebrew-y while the sip of Regan's Feats of Strength I had was outstanding.

Will this be a place you take out-of-towners to? Probably not. Will it be the first place that comes to mind when you're looking for a brewpub? Probably not. Will it be a place you visit occasionally? I sure hope so, especially on Tuesdays.


  1. Homebrew-y! I use that adjective all the time. Go Mags!

    I am embarrassed never to have been in the Mash Tun. My reasons for missing it are just as you said. Maybe this post will nudge me into action.

    1. If it helps get you there, give me a holler and I'd be happy to join you.

  2. The beers were much improved the last time I visited, more than a year ago now. As you say, the patio is pretty amazing and so is the vibe. Too bad about the location. I don't get up to that area very often. There are just too many great options closers to home

    1. I'll extend to you the same offer that I did Bill - give me a holler and I'll join you up there sometime.