Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pizza Beer

I'm a beer geek (some may say "snob") and I'm ok with that label. That being said over the past year I've come to have a greater appreciation for "lesser" beers in certain circumstances. I'm talking about beers like Rainier and Old German which are what they are yet I'd still order them over the BMC equivalents I drank in high school in the right situation.

Delicious Canadian bacon, pineapple & jalapeno BYO
Last week we paid a visit to Apizza Scholls, something that was long overdue. After sharing a pitcher of Firestone Walker's Pale 31 at the bar I was looking for something different when we were finally seated at a table. They don't have an extensive beer menu (which is fine, they're a pizza joint, not a craft beer bar) and nothing was really catching my eye. Then I noticed something under the can/bottle section that I hadn't heard of - Narragansett Lager. Of course the first thing I did was consult Untappd and unsurprisingly the 5% North American Adjunct Lager had a 2.94 average out of 35,421 check-ins. I scrolled through check-ins looking for comments and upon coming upon Rich's, "Perfect pizza beer," I knew I had to give it a go.

Ordering it, our server immediately commented that this is the "Jaws" beer. Although I've seen Jaws, it wasn't until a buddy I was there with sent me the clip from the movie the next day that the scene was solidified in my mind. But back to the beer. As the Untappd description noted, this is an adjunct lager and there's no getting around the corn flavor. So while this isn't one I'll be enjoying can after can on its own, I have to agree with Rich that it is indeed a good beer with pizza.

Maybe I'll have to see about getting my hands on a few more cans the next time I'm in a Jaws mood and settle in with a pie.

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