Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Beer + Ketchup = An Odd Duck Pairing?

You may have noticed that Coalition Brewing has been producing some playful, slightly off the wall but most decidedly tasty beers lately. The first one that caught my attention was their Dill Dose (be careful if you try to say this three times fast), a Berliner Weisse dry hopped with dill pickles. The beer is delicious on its own but I really want to have it with a burger or hot dog and it's no surprise that the first batch was so popular Mike had to make more.

Then came Ojos De Sapo, a sour ale made with hatch green chilies, and Thyme Out, a Berliner Weisse made with lemon and thyme. As with the Dill, I wanted to eat the Ojos with food, perhaps with nachos or a great street taco. Thyme Out, a beer that had me a little worried there would be too much thyme in it for me turned out to be delicious. It was refreshing and balanced, low in ABV like the other two and one that screams for a warm summer day.

Now, coming up on Friday in fact, they're going to be releasing two ketchup, YES KETCHUP, beers to honor National Ketchup Day. Elan and Mike are talented brewers that have shown they can make great beers that could easily come off as gimmicky (and not particularly good). The first is Michelada (5.8% ABV, 10 IBUs), made with Red Duck Spicy Ketchup, lime juice and spices. I have full faith that it will taste nothing like that macro monstrosity you may have seen at the store.

The second is King Ducky that was inspired by red curry and uses their King Kitty Red Ale as the base beer. Another easy drinker at 5.75% ABV, it contains Red Duck Curry Ketchup and enough Northwest hops to weigh in at 60 IBUs.

I can't wait to try both of these beers! If perhaps I haven't been convincing enough to this point, you should know that there will also be frankfurters from Olympia Provisions and Red Duck Mole ice cream from Red Wagon Creamery. How can you say no?

Red Duck Ketchup Day 
Coalition Brewing, 2705 SE Ankeny
Friday, June 5th

5:00 - 8:00 pm

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