Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Beer + Spirits = Brewstillery 2 Festival

Regular readers know that I'm a primarily a beer drinker, only occasionally dabbling in other tipples. One of those rare times is for an event like the StormBreaker's 2nd Annual Brewstillery Festival. No stranger to pairings as their regular menu offers eight house beer and whiskey pairings, this Saturday's event goes to an entirely different level with 22 breweries and 21 distilleries participating and a total of 27 pairings available.

Designed to allow people to try more of the pairings (and stay upright) the portions will be sample sized - 1/4oz of each spirit, 4oz of each beer. Even so, 27 is a lot of pairings so you may have to make some decisions, hard decisions because the spirits range from traditional whiskey/bourbon/scotch to gins, flavored vodkas, liqueurs and even absinthe. So, too, do the beers range from the lighter end of things with wits and saisons through IPAs to porters and stouts, all the way to a nearly 13% barleywine.

At a recent preview I was thrilled to find the pairing I was most excited about was being sampled - Wild Ride Nut Crusher Peanut Butter Porter with Bend Distillery Crater Lake Hazelnut Espresso Vodka (made with Sisters Coffee Company coffee). If this sounds sweet, it is. If it sounds decadent, it is. Both the beer and the spirit have incredible aromas and I'd drink as much of this pairing as was available (within reason, of course). A great cold weather duo for sure.

For those who prefer something lighter, something that would be more appropriate in the warmer months, there's Fat Head's Heads or Tails Sour Gin Saison with Big Bottom Barrel Aged Gin. As a sour beer fan in general, this one was right up my alley. The spirit pairing elevated the experience, smoothing out the Saison characteristics of the beer, providing a refreshing contrast to the Wild Ride pairing.

Rather than drag you though more of my amazing preview experience I'll cut it short and encourage you to check out this unique festival. The majority of the pairings will cost two drink tickets, with some three-ticket pairings and two (featuring rare/expensive beers/spirits) five-ticket pairings. Whether you're a diehard beer drinker or someone who regularly enjoys such pairings I feel confident in saying you'll enjoy yourself.

Brewstillery 2 Festival
Saturday, February 27th
StormBreaker Brewing
832 N Beech Street

Advance tickets (online through 9pm Friday):

$25 regular admission (includes 10 tickets)
$50 VIP admission (includes 20 tickets)

At the door:

$30 regular admission (includes 10 tickets)
Additional tickets available for $1 each

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