Sunday, September 9, 2007

All-American Grill & Brewhouse

There's a new brewpub going up in Waverly, MN called All-American Grill & Brewhouse and they'll be featuring beers by Ugly Tree Brewing Company. Waverly's probably a good 40 minute drive from our joint in Eagan. Sounds like an opportunity for a road trip to me. They are opening their doors sometime in Sept. Part of me doesn't want to go until after they've been open a while so that I don't have to experience any of the newly-opened-restaurant-oopsies like we've seen at Buster's, but then again, I'm much too antsy about everything I do to bother waiting. Besides, it's nice to see the evolution of a restaurant from the very teen-like gangly, pimply awkwardness to...well, uh...a restaurant with a big rack and tight jeans??? Anywho...

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