Monday, September 3, 2007

Our annual Ren Fest outing

Labor Day weekend might mean the last chance to visit the Great Minnesota Get Together for many and more power to those folks. For us it meant a chance to head out to the Ren Fest while the crowds were manageable. Sunday was a near perfect day to be outside, gnawing on a hunk of meat, drinking and being as bawdy as one cared to be. We found an added bonus within the first few minutes of being in the doors. While standing in line to get our first beers of the morning we noticed Flat Earth’s logo on the program. The stand we were at didn’t happen to have a tap for Flat Earth but the server was happy to point us in the direction of one that did. That stand turned out to be just around the corner and from there on out it was Flat Earth all the way for me (at least until it was time to add some mead into the mix). As usual it turned out to be a long, hot, very pleasant day of drinking. Looking for a break in the afternoon we headed over to the hookah bar. We met some interesting characters there and probably would have stayed much longer except for the fact that we had to get up when we needed beer. Thanks to the King’s decree of 1 beer per person that meant we couldn’t send one person to get beers for the group. Two of the day’s highlights: Mag got called up to take part in the Ded Bob Sho and Kat nearly had it out with a grumpy old lady at a Drunk & Disorderly performance. However possibly the best was Scott’s farewell greeting to a family in the parking lot, “Happy for coming!”

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