Saturday, February 2, 2008

Crap, our glass is empty.

Damn it. We lost our beer. The glass is empty. I know next to nothing about html and generally need to muddle my way through doing anything creative with this blog or other websites if the tool doesn't come prepackaged for me. I worked so hard to get the cool little beer border and now it's gone. The only way I knew how to do that was to direct the blog to some image on out the interwebisphere. I'm sure that is somehow frowned upon, but whatever. This isn't a commercial venture and it isn't exactly well read. Maybe I should just breakdown and get a book-for-dummies on html or something? Oh well. My fridge still has plenty of beer even if the blog doesn't.


  1. Yeah, using an image located on another site (called image hotlinking) is frowned upon. It is essentially bandwidth theft because it is the remote site that is paying the bill to host the image you are using.

    If you find that image or another background image, mail it to me. I'll host the image for you. It isn't bandwidth theft when I give it to you. :)

  2. What I'd been trying to do was get the image onto my comcast homepage so that I could access it without this fabricated "hotlinking" to which you refer, but I couldn't get it to work. I think I just need to spend some time edumacating myself.

  3. Bandwidth theft? If that is all you are stealing these days you are doing alright. I prefer to think of it as giving myself a byte stimulus package.

    Mag, I can probably help you out if you really want your border back.