Monday, March 10, 2008

Destination Portland

Hot damn! Portland, here we come! Kris and I are heading to Portland with some friends for our second visit. Our first visit was a whirlwind four days, but we were able to squeeze in six brewery/brew-pub visits and check out some other sites, but we didn't get our fill of beer and we missed some sites we wanted to visit. Our next trip, starting on 4/23, will be five days. I'm guessing it'll be five decadent, bleary-eyed, slurred, days. First of all, we're gonna try to hit the famous or infamous doughnut shop, Voodoo Doughnut. Any place that puts bacon on their doughnuts is worth visiting. We're also gonna try to hit a 'za joint called Apizza Schole's. Sounds like we're going to try and hit a few Tiki hot-spots as well. I wonder it'll be warm enough for a Hawaiian shirt? I guess if I'm swilling mega-rum-bombs it won't really matter what the temp is. And of course, we'll be hitting a few brewpubs and breweries. The itinerary is still being worked out, but there certainly is no lack of places to go. I'd love to hit Rogue, but that's a bit of a drive. Hell, maybe we'll get a chance to run about Astoria piss-drunk yelling "Pinchers of Power!" and doing the truffle-shuffle. Yeah baby!

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