Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hump Day

Nothing in the mailbox yesterday afternoon. I hope the mailman didn’t steal my tickets.

In other beer happenings, we made it to Sea Salt last night for Surly’s two firkins. This was my first visit there and with the exception of the lines for both food and beer, it was pretty good. The fish tacos were very good as was the pickled herring (for some perverse reason I like this stuff) and the calamari was the best I can remember having. Having not consumed a lot of Surly lately, it was my first taste of Bitter Brewer. Both the regular version and the firkin version were good, with the tea flavors being more pronounced in the cloudy firkin beer. This is most definitely a session beer that I hope to have many sessions of, however since it is a one-time release I’m going to have to get in gear before it’s all gone. Furious is probably my favorite Surly product and the firkin of Furious didn’t disappoint. Big thanks to the good folks in our party who stood in line to make sure that we all got at least one glass from each of the firkins!


  1. The firken'd Bitter Brewer was delicious. I wish I could get that all the time.

    I didn't think I drank too much last night but I sure had a nasty headache this morning.

  2. I think I have the answer to that, Scott,...water or better yet the lack there of at Sea Salt. Keep that in mind for tomorrow!

  3. Bitter Brewer is a seasonal beer now, not a one-time release (although it started as one). Tasty stuff. It was a nice night. We ended up getting a pitcher of Bitter Brewer after a couple glasses on cask. Gave away the couple cups of cask Furious I had when from friends showed up as the line was being cut off.

  4. One-time release/ it what you will but there's a limited amount ("We only brewed 30 barrels of this beer, so it will go fast.").