Monday, May 12, 2008

Saturday might have been wet

But we finally got a chance to spend an afternoon at Town Hall after missing the last three for one reason or another (and we'll be missing again next week to attend the Stillwater Brewers Bazaar). After being out of the loop for so long I was pleased to see 4 seasonals on tap- ESB, Patio Pale Ale, Maibock and Heffeweisen- none of which I had tasted yet. Not being a Mai or Heffe fan I passed on those, starting off with an ESB, sort of. Mag had the first sip of my ESB and then I somehow managed to, instead of grabbing the glass, dump it right over! I managed to salvage about ¼ of the beer while spilling the rest on and behind the bar. What an embarrassing start to the afternoon imbibing! So the ESB I had was good but more grainy than I was in the mood for so for the rest of the time it was Patio Pale Ale for me. That’s one nice, easy drinking beer.

After that we headed over to Mac’s Industrial for a bite. As had been the case on most of our other visits the place was pretty dead for a Saturday night although “our” table had a reserved sign on it so we had to settle of a different one. The beer selection seems to have gone downhill slightly from when we were first there but it’s still not half bad especially when you consider their great happy hour deals. Add to that a kitchen that turns out some pretty great food for a sports bar and you’ve got a place that I’m more than happy to continue visiting.

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