Saturday, June 21, 2008

Gunna get me sunburny and drunky

Ahoyhoy! Today is the 2nd Annual Surly Walk-Up-Some-Big-Friggen-Hills-and-Sweat-Alot Open dealio! We had a blast last year and I'm sure we will again this year. I'm just wondering how many folks are gonna wander away from the disc golf an hour into it to drink beer in the chalet. I can pretty much guarantee my wife will and I think Scott will. Kat's a trooper, so I don't think she will. Me? Well, we'll see. Our five-some is rounded out by the ever-bearded lobbyist, Eric, who was supposed to join us last year, but we never hooked up. Instead, we played with a fellow we named Drunk Dave. Dave was flying solo and asked to join us. We had a blast, although his l33t disc golf skills put ours to shame. Of course, I ended up driving him home as he had a wee bit too much. Now we'll see if Eric can fill the void that Drunk Dave left. Dave was tall, skinny, bearded and a Sconie. Eric is skinny and bearded. So far he's batting .500. But I think he can hold his beer. Hell, he can hold mine too while I'm tossing.

Here's a pic from last year. Using my uber technology skills, I've blotted out the faces of the innocent and added a moustache to myself to make me look cool. This is incontravertable proof that the event is a good time. I mean, where else can you stuff bills into a stranger's cleveage and no one thinks it odd? Well, aside from gentlemens clubs... Bring lots of ones.

Kris and I elected to not go to the National Brewfest in Mankato (6/21 and 6/22) We'd gone the first two years of the event and felt we could take a guilt-free break this year. As far as beer fests go, I'd rate it a bit lower on the scale. The beer selection is so-so and it seems like the focus is on the music and not on the beer. But if anyone is sitting around with nothing to do today, check it out.


  1. Just got word that Eric may not be playing with us. Maybe he read the post and got scared or maybe he doesn't realize how lame I am at disc golf and will "take one for the team" to fulfill my role as BeerWench.

  2. Yeah, his loss. I'll be sure to point that out to him.