Thursday, August 14, 2008

Common Roots Cafe

On the way to dinner last night I stopped off at Common Roots. Since I was in the area I had briefly considered stopping in at The Bulldog, but since we were just there a couple weeks ago I decided I should probably give Common Roots some love. They may be a bit on the crunchy granola side but considering they only have seven taps and all are local they deserve more attention than I’ve been giving them.

Currently they’re sporting three from the Surly stables (Furious, Bender, Cynic), Brau Bros Frame Straightener, Finnegan’s Irish Amber, Flat Earth Angry Planet and Point Nude Beach.

As much as I wanted to order a Furious, I hadn’t yet tried Angry Planet and with that also being up for review on Brew52, I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone. Besides I’ve yet to have anything Jeff makes that I didn’t like.

Angry Planet is a beautiful copper color, reminiscent of many an IPA. There was sufficient head, enough so that the server had to pour some off, and a mild hoppy-sweet aroma. With a creamy feel in the mouth and just enough hops to make my taste buds smile without going over the edge, this is one I would have liked to enjoy more than one of. But alas, after one pint it was time to head off to dinner. I guess I’ll just have to try to make it back there soon as I also haven’t tried any Frame Straightener. While the food might not be quite my cup of tea, the beer selection is arguably one of the best for this size establishment, and heck there’s always garlic Tater Tots to be found just across the street!

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