Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chuck the 'Bucks and Grab a Beer

I just got back from a whirl-wind work trip to Dayton, Ohio. I'm usually disappointed if I don't get to hit some brew-pub or brewery on work trips, but it happens, especially when the trip is a day trip or, in this case, a 30 hour trip. So, I didn't do much prep work for Cincinnati or Dayton, Ohio since I really didn't have any time in my schedule to make a stop. When I got to the Cincinnati airport for my trip home, I had enough time to stop in for a beer, so I did just that. I swung by one of the nicer airport restaurants and was disappointed to the same-old-same-old. So I punted and got myself a coffee instead. That's fine. Airports aren't generally great beer destinations. Besides, I was already in my designated terminal and concourse, which was the one waaaaay out in the boonies (I had to take a train and then a bus to get there...and that was after security) from which the smaller lead zepplins are launched.

But then, as I sat down to drink my go-juice, I got to thinking about hitting a Rogue bar in Portland's airport and brewpubs in other cities. My peripheral vision must have caught sight of something, sent a little electrical impulse to my subconscious, which then cranked up the warm, fuzzy memory machine. With this memory playing out in my mind, I caught sight of a small sign down the concourse that had nothing on it but "BBC." Now, having been to 140+ breweries and brewpubs, I've come to recognize any abbreviation ending with BC as a probably drinking hole. So I chucked my 'bucks to the side and went to investigate.

Lo and behold, the fates were kind to me! It was a bar serving a local brew-pub's beer. Good enough. Bluegrass Brewing Company was offering up a Golden, Alt, Kolsch-style Kentucky Ale, American Pale Ale and Porter. And they were better than I expected (I tend to lower my expectations when drinking beer from the Southern half of the U.S.). I liked the pale ale but was very disappointed in the porter. Nonetheless, it was good end to an interesting trip.

Yay beer! Yay peripheral vision! Yay toilets on planes!

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