Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jumped the Gun, But Not the Shark

Ok, so in retrospect, I jumped the gun with the last post. After feeling like the grass was greener on the other (not Blogspot) side of the fence, we've decided to jump back into familiar pastures.

Word Press may be cool, and maybe we'll end up permanently moving the site there in the future, but it's also not nearly as user friendly. So for the foreseeable future, we'll stay planted here at Blogspot. We might muse about some Minneapolis-St. Paul beer (hint, hint McG's), but mostly we'll be talking all things beer in Portland. So whether you just like checking in on our most recent ramblings or you're coming out this way and want some insight on beer out here, we hope you'll stick with us.

I'll also be reposting the posts that went up on the new blog in case you need to catch up. Be patient if you've already read about Cool Can, Cool Can Answer, and The New Beer Fridge. And if you commented on any of those, sorry, but I'm pretty tech stupid and am not sure how to carry your comments over.


  1. What issues held you up with WordPress? I can help you get going if you want. I've got a lot of experience with WordPress and such.

  2. Well, it isn't really that we're having problems. It's just that we were too eager to use it. I'm not familiar enough with WordPress, nor with tweaking HTML, to quickly and efficiently get it to do what I want. And, frankly, I haven't spent as much time trying to learn it as I would have liked just yet. I'd rather put up something with reasonable quality (aside from content, of course :) ) and that works/looks like I want than to have a half-assed thing cobbled together.

  3. Creating an attractive, functional blog is difficult unless you have a lot of skill. I've never been good at the actual design of sites so I usually find theme I like and then add/remove items from that.

    No one is gonna hold it against you if you have a bunch of useless doodads or haven't implemented hot new feature X. As long as you provide an RSS/Atom feed and a means of commenting, you are good to go.