Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Find it in MN, Find it in OR

Since our relocation we’ve been talking and looking, albeit not too hard, for an everyday drinking beer. In Minnesota that probably would have been Summit EPA, maybe Coffee Bender for me.

So far it seems like the Portland equivalent of Summit is Deschutes and while I’m A-OK with that, I don't want to be complacent with the first thing that pops up so I have been continuing to look around for another label that’s widely available and has something up my alley. Today I may have found a pretty good contender, one with enough hops and flavor to keep me coming back for more but without the brutal hop punch that is enjoyable but can be palate fatiguing.

Generally you won’t find me buying New Belgium beer. First of all, the majority of their products don’t interest me very much due to the style. (For the record, I think 1554 is a great black ale, full of the chocolately malts I love.) Secondly, I don’t think Fat Tire is a very good beer, but everyone who thinks they have just discovered the greatest thing since sliced bread thinks it’s AWESOME. That type of fan boy behavior just irritates me. Consumer behavior should not influence my view of a brewery but I’ll admit in this case it does.

Back to the story at hand and finding a good go to beer.

Tonight as I opened the beer fridge I found some good stuff in there but not what I was searching for; not an EPA or Coffee Bender to be found. Feeling lazy and also curious to see what the 7-11 had to offer I wandered down the street. I wasn’t surprised to find their selection wasn’t very broad, although it did include the aforementioned Deschutes. Looking to branch out I decided to take a chance on New Belgium and the Ranger IPA that has been dominating their marketing for the last few months.

Weighing in with 70 IBUs it might be a bit more hoppy than I’ll find I want for a go to beer, but tonight it hit the middle of the road spot I was looking for hard enough to be a contender.  I know you'll be waiting with baited breath to see who ends up filling the highly coveted "Everyday Beer" slot.  Stay tuned...


  1. That's the joy of living in a place with so many great beer options. You don't need to limit yourself to one every day beer you can have a different every day beer every week, or every month...perhaps, dare I say, even every day. I know mine changes every time I find a good new six-pack. I understand the desire to have a solid fall back brew, and it's particularly nice to be able to make it a local option. But be sure not to settle down too quickly ;) wouldn't want Mark & Omar to think you guys are cheating on them. Best of luck on your journey. Cheers!

  2. looking for a good, reliable choice?
    how about workhorse ipa by laurelwood?
    and for a beer with a bit more heft, new old lompoc's c-note, an imperial ipa - especially if you find it at the 5th quadrant - is a really tasty beer.