Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Looking Ahead to OBF

The Oregon Brewers Festival starts next week and just like any good beer geek I've taken a fine tooth comb to the beer line up. One very exciting, new addition to the festival this year is the Sour Tent. Like the Buzz Tent, the offerings here are special and specially priced at two tokens each, samples only (no full pours available). They'll be trying to tweet out when new beers go on in each tent but I'll probably also be keeping my eye on Untappd check-ins as a supplemental source of information.

Being a Minnesota transplant I was particularly interested to see two Midwest breweries represented - Summit Brewing hailing from St. Paul, MN and Sprecher Brewery from Milwaukee, WI. As far as I know these breweries are new to OBF this year and are not currently distributing to Portland. That begs the question, "Are they considering it?" Summit EPA used to be one of my go-to beers, a beer you could find in my fridge virtually any day of the year. I'd be awfully happy to see it nestled in with my Oregon favorites in the future.

IPAs, double IPAs and special/mystery beers will be high on my list of ones to try and I'll likely be dropping plenty of tokens in the Sour and Buzz tents. The beers I can typically find around town, even the ones I really enjoy, I'll leave for the out-of-towners, which make up 56% of the estimated 80,000 people expected to attend. What beers are you looking forward to drinking?

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