Saturday, September 19, 2015

To Do List for Saturday's Oregon Bounty at Feast Portland

For those going to the Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting at Feast Portland today, there are a few things you should definitely do.

1. Go up to the wine tent and get a sling for your wine glass. There are no beer glasses so accept you'll have to drink beer out of a stemmed wine glass and make your like easier by using the sling, thus freeing up a hand.

2. Get a couple bites and sips and then make a beeline for the USA Pears Pop Up. "Seatings" are only every 15 minutes but if you do this early you may only have to wait a few minutes. You'll get a bourbon cocktail that isn't shy on the bourbon and three outstanding bites. My personal favorite was the Foie Gras and Seckel Pear Mostarda on Crostini.

3. Go a row or two over, near the center of the main tent, get a Scottish Ale from Two Kilts Brewing and have it with the Salty CocoaMello from their neighbor, Annie Pies.

4. Go to the far left side to the main tent (of you're outside, looking in), grab a Buoy Beer Co. Cream Ale and the Wasabi Tuna with Buoy Beer Aioli from the Stephanie Inn next to them. Last year my favorite thing was in the same spot as the fish, which was also fish, so I'm starting to feel this is a blessed spot.

5. When you feel like you've gotten the bulk of the main tent covered, or it starts getting too busy, head up to the Bon Appetite area. There are only a handful of vendors up there but make sure to visit Kerrygold. The have generous cubes of cheese and melt-in-your-mouth shortbread that pairs wonderfully with the Goose Island Oktoberfest.

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