Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MI Brewery Pilgrimage, an overview

The pilgrimage was awesome. You should all be jealous.

Now that’s out of the way, maybe you’d like some details so you don’t think I’m just trying to taunt you and to prove it was a really great time. Patience. For now we’ll just start with an overview of the trip.

Morning flight to Chicago and then hit the road to Grand Rapids, stopping along the way at Three Floyd’s in Munster, IN, finishing out the day at The Hideout in Grand Rapids.

Breakfast at Red Ball Café, drive to Dark Horse in Marshall, stopping at Arcadia in Battle Creek on the way to Bell’s in Kalamazoo, dinner at Walldorff Brewing in Hastings and with the early pilgrimage stamina supporting us, ending the night at Founders in Grand Rapids.

Drive to New Holland in Holland to tour the brewery, then over to their brewpub for lunch, off to Saugatuck/Lucky Stone Pub in Douglas, then to Old Boys Brewhouse in Spring Lake and because we had fun the night before, back to Founders.

A full day in Grand Rapids, starting with breakfast at Real Food Café followed by Grand Rapids Brewing Company, lunch at Red Ball Café and many, many hours at HopCat.

Pilgrimage coming to a close, but not before stopping at Lunar in Villa Park before returning the car and hopping on the flight back to Minneapolis.

Final count: 5 days, 12 breweries/brewpubs. Details to follow…


  1. Wow! Heck of a beer run! I debated driving up to Kalamazoo on our Dark Lord trip, but decided it was probably biting off a little much. Look forward to hearing about all the great beers you tried.

  2. Bell's was good, but Dark Horse was great.

  3. Damn, looks like you guys had a blast. I really like a lot of the beers from MI. especially beers from Founders.