Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Terp Fest NW - Inaugural Beer & Cider Festival

A first ever of its kind beer and cider festival debuts at Cider Riot! this Saturday, September 21. Terp Fest NW will feature eight different beers and ciders infused with non-cannabinoid based terpenes from local company True Terpenes. 

Although the prevalence of commercially produced terpenes has risen with the full legalization of cannabis, one of the goals of this festival is awareness, normalization and education about these compounds. For those wondering A) what terpenes are and B) how are they related, or not related, to cannabis the short answer is that terpenes are a large and diverse class of organic compounds produced by a variety of plants (including cannabis), that give each flower, herb and fruit its own unique scent and flavor. For a longer explanation, check out True Terpenes' terpology pageBIG NOTE: None of the beers or ciders presented at this festival contain any amount of CBD or THC.

Recently we were able to preview some of the festival's offerings. Take a gander.
Cider Riot! Sage and Savory - The first whiff of this cider is solidly savory while the flavor rides the line between a semi-dry cider and a savory creation that seems screams out to be paired with food. The 6% cider is a combination of the cidery's Everyday cider, sage-infused cider brandy and Cherry Pie terpenes. 

West Coast Grocery Co. Sonic Cherry Lime Blast - Inspired by the Sonic restaurant chain's cherry limeade, it sports an amber-red color and uses Black Lime terpenes blended with their key lime and cherry lacto IPA. A complex beer popping with flavor, it is reminiscent of a well-crafted cocktail where the sum is far greater than its parts.

Xylem Cider Works Trans-dimensional Cowboy - Xylem is the originator of terpene ciders even though according to Co-Founder Nick Fillis they don't want to be known for just that. Be that as it may, this semi-dry cider is a work of drinkable art. Starting off with a swoon-worthy horse blanket aroma, the flavor brings together blueberries and Jack Herer terpenes, finishing with a crisp citrus-ness.

We will leave it at for that for now because we wouldn't want to give away all the fest has to offer. Plus you know you want to experience it first hand! So come and learn how terpenes can be used to enhance the craft beverages we love.

Terp Fest NW
Saturday, September 21st 12-8pm
Cider Riot!
807 NE Couch Street
Tickets in advance or at the door: 
$15 - Terp Fest NW festival glass + 4 tasting tickets
$25 - Terp Fest NW festival glass + 8 tasting tickets