Friday, November 16, 2007

MNBeer Meeting at Barley John's

Kris and I went to Barley John's last night for the express purpose of getting together w/ some of the folks who contribute to to talk about a new Beer of the Month feature. Of course, drinking and talk of beer related things supplanted any "work" we intended to get done. Colin, of Barley John's brewing fame, joined us. I've got a couple of take-aways from the evening:
1) I know nothing about brewing and beer, except how to drink it...and I don't do that very well.
2) I continue to be delighted by the fine, friendly folks I meet at any brew-pub, beer event, etc. I attend. Or maybe I just like hanging w/ drunks...
3) Barley John's continues to make damn good beer. I had avoided their Wild Brunette for the last couple of years, not because I didn't enjoy it the first time I had it, but rather because I have a psychological aversion to non-traditional (whatever that means) ingredients in beer, especially rice. And also, there are always other, tasty options available. Well, I finally broke down last night and had a Brunette. I enjoyed the hell out of it.

...'nough said


  1. I'll get my thoughts of the visit up at Capitol Brewhaha soon, but my brief $0.02 is how (not surprisingly) impressed I was with Colin's passion for his art and his extreme humbleness and "we're all in this together" attitude. It's so refreshing to meet folks who leave their ego at the door and are clearly in it for the love of their product, and proud to share it.

    Oh yeah, and the beer was incredible.

  2. Regarding "I know nothing about brewing and beer, except how to drink it...and I don't do that very well", how would you improve your beer drinking?

  3. Eric, well said. Scott, you're ever my conscience. Ryan, don't encourage him.

  4. I've been taking Mag out drinking with Kat and I so he can get more practice but he is not a diligent student.