Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Good Goose

Last night I had my second taste of Goose Island’s specialty series of beers. These are sold only in 4 packs and are essentially seasonals on steroids. I’m not a Goose fan in general however last summer during our trip to Chicago we did visit their Clybourn pub and I thoroughly enjoyed it. That being said I was hesitant when I picked up my first 4 pack a couple months ago. Demolition is described as a golden ale brewed with Saaz and Styrian Golden hops. At 8% abv this is a wonderfully drinkable, smooth beer. This past weekend on a trip to restock at the Cellar’s in Eagan two new 4 packs caught my eye. One was a Belgian, Pere Jacques, which didn’t interest me too much but the other was Bourbon County Stout. My interest was piqued and confirmed after talking to the fine folks at Cellar’s. This is no drinking beer, kids! This is a sipping beer to be sure. After aging in bourbon barrels for 100 days, this stout weighs in at 13% abv and is one to savor. Mag thought it belonged in the same category as Barley John’s Rosie’s and I’d have to agree. So if you’re looking for a well done, high alcohol brew give this one a try. Goose might be one of the bigger boys but they still know how to do it right.

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  1. I've always been impressed with Goose Island. Their IPA is one of my fave mass produced IPAs, and I think they nail all of their specialty brews...