Sunday, June 22, 2008

Good beer and a beautiful day

It took both of us to accomplish “sunburny and drunky” but we did it. Wanna guess which of us got the sunburn?

As anticipated we had a great time at the 2nd Annual Surly Open, although one thing would have made it better. And that would have been if the Three Rivers Park District hadn’t had their beer Nazis working who allowed only one beer to be bought per person. That made it really hard to do my beer wenching duties properly however I did manage to carry Kat and my four beers around for a few holes. (Apparently selling one person one beer three minutes after the last one they bought wasn’t a problem…just don’t try to buy one for a friend.)

We got there earlier this year than last and were rewarded by finding that Surly had brought Coffee Bender, as well as CynicAle, for the morning group. Once the Coffee Bender was out, on went Furious. I don’t know if they ended up replacing Cynic with anything since as long as there was Furious to be had I didn’t look any further. Needless to say I found something yummy to fill my glass (I should say glasses since even though I requested they refill my used plastic glass that was apparently another no-no…gotta keep the plastic manufacturers busy!) all day long.

Eric did end up joining Kat, Scott, Mag and me along with his friend, Darren. So the six of us, along with some random guy that got there 1 ½ hours late, spent a beautiful day outside enjoying great beer. And to round out the day, a stop on the way home at Taco Hell…mmmmmm!

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  1. So I succumbed to the pressure and gave into my fears and joined you guys. Can't say it was a bad decision by any stretch of the imagination. We really shoulda planned it that way from the get-go, rather than subjecting you guys to my back and forth fickelness, which you will have to learn to love.