Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Sunday Mag and I decided to head up to Great Waters for lunch. Couple their “Keg, Pegs and Eggs” going on from 12-2, meaning $2 pints and a yummy egg special, with a beautiful day to enjoy food and drink on their patio and you’ve got one great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

When we got there the sun was just starting to make its way around the corner of the building and warm the patio. Being the first ones there we snapped up the first table to be in the sun. As we enjoyed some RyePAs and waited for our food to arrive a familiar looking figure came walking our way. My suspicion was right and it turned out to be Michael, who we had met there a few weeks ago and is friends with Kat and Scott. We waylaid him for a bit to chat and then before he got tired of us our food arrived, giving him the opportunity to get to work.

After lunch we decided to head indoors and see how Chuck the bartender was doing. As usual there were a couple other folks already at the bar. The gentleman at the corner seat turned out to be the one whose name plate was on that seat. He’s a local, a regular at Great Waters and from the sounds of it, could drink most of us under the table. The other gentleman was fairly new to Great Waters but had taken a particular liking to the Brown Trout. Shortly after gentleman #1 left another guy bellied up to the bar. If I recall this was his first time at Great Waters but it sounded like he was going to make a day of it. He’d made his way over from Minneapolis on public transit, which was good considering the way he was chugging his beers.

All in all, it was a nice relaxing way to spend a Sunday: a little outdoor time, a little time chatting with Chuck and Michael and a little time meeting some new, interesting characters. That’ll have to tide us over for the next week or two as I’m planning to steer a wide path around St. Paul with the coming of the RNC.

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