Monday, September 1, 2008


Last week on a trip to Cellar’s I picked up two bombers from Southern Tier – Crème Brulee Imperial Milk Stout and Pumking Imperial Pumpkin Ale. Having tried the Crème Brulee first and being very, very pleased with I was looking forward to trying out the Pumking.

Pouring it into a glass the butter pasty crust aroma combined with pumpkin pie spices screamed fall. The thick, creamy head along with the amber-orange color rounded out the picture and left me salivating. The flavor, gently spicy, was well rounded but left me wishing that somehow they could have included some of the butter crust aroma.

While this is certainly a well done pumpkin flavored beer maybe it’s just that the leaves haven’t started to turn and it’s still necessary to turn the air conditioning on that it just didn’t do it for me the way the Crème Brulee did. I’d certainly recommend it to anyone that was interested in it and should probably pick some up closer to Turkey Day. In the meantime, after being happy with the two Southern Tier bombers I’m interested to try more of their line up.

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