Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why does my doughnut look like...

We’ll get to the doughnut in a minute but first you should probably have some context for that part of the story.

Last night we went over to Moto-I with Kat and Scott for drinks and dinner. Although I have had some sake I liked, beer’s really my thing and they have a pretty good tap beer selection. It’s all Minnesota brews and while I would prefer to see some Flat Earth or Lift Bridge in place of the Premium and Premium Light I get it that they have a wide range of customers, not just beer snobs like me. Last night my favor fell on Surly Furious and Summit Winter.

With the majority of the menu being small plates we ordered quite a few of them for sharing. My favorites were the beef jerky (nicely spiced, meaty and tender) and the bulgogi (excellent flavor although it could have been served with more kimchee). The wings were quite tasty, too, but a bit more of a spicy kick than I had been anticipating. Thank goodness there was beer to help cool things off.

After those and many more shared plates I spied doughnuts on the menu. Doughnuts, for all the evil they represent and for all the distress they may cause later, are hard to pass up. When they came out there was one plate of four very normal, round doughnuts and a second plate containing not only normal ones but one of, well, a different, phallic shape. I don’t know if someone in the kitchen was playing around with shapes or this was a true batter blunder but it no matter, it was still delightful in my mouth.


  1. Truly a wonderful post, glad they hooked you up with creative donuts. Moto-I is a lovely little place. I agree completely it would be wonderful to see more craft brew on their line up but I can only complain so much considering it's at least all Minnesotan, and the sake's damn tasty. Glad you enjoyed your meal. They have many delicious little dishes, I particularly enjoyed their fried peppers and Chinese egg noodles.

  2. Were they out of their Lift Bridge brews???

  3. Nope, they had Biscotti and Farm Girl, both of which are good but I was in the mood for more hops that night. Too bad Harvester is gone!