Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

What’s not to like about a holiday where you’re expected to drink? It’s great when it falls on a weekend but when it falls during the week the other commitments in our lives come into play when deciding how to celebrate.

A couple years back I decided, after years of wanting to, that I was going to take the day off (or maybe it was just the afternoon). Anyway, it turned out to be not quite as fun as I’d hoped but still, the idea of taking a day off in the middle of the week to start drinking in the AM with some like-minded, jolly folks seems appealing.

I hadn’t given it much thought this year until I learned that in someone’s infinite wisdom where I work, it was decided that our annual two-day conference should take place March 17 & 18. I wonder, did it occur to ANYONE, that this might not be a great time to hold an event that requires the entire office to staff it? Oh sure, for our attendees, especially the ones from out of town, staying the night at a nearby hotel, they’re probably living it up. Hmmm…maybe first thing tomorrow morning we should take bets on how many totally hung over people show up.

But back to the celebrating, or lack there of in my case. Now I know I could go out after a long day of work, but honestly the evening crowd is not who I want to be out drinking with. Those folks will be drinking their fill of green beer and more power to them. Nope, I’m staying in. But in honor of this drinking holiday, I’ll be celebrating in my own little way…starting off with a very worthy brew, Hopslam. Hope you enjoyed the holiday to the best of your ability. And maybe next year we can start the day off with breakfast and a pint together.

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  1. Kris,
    I totally agree. People that go out only 2 nights a year go out New Years Eve and St Patty's Day. I tend to stay away.