Sunday, March 13, 2011

$8 Growlers

You’ve heard about some great places around Portland where good pints of beer can be had for $3 or less. Well, I’ve got another doozie to tell you about.

Earlier this week a member of my Twitter-verse alerted me to $8 growler fills at The Guild Public House for the month of March. The Guild? Sure, there are more places I haven’t been to and haven’t heard of than I have, but being situated along a strip of Burnside I like to think I’m relatively familiar with I was surprised not to have gotten a whiff of this place earlier. Besides, $8 growler fills? Even if they only had one or two good beers on tap it was bait enough to hook me.

After looking at their food menu online, I wasn’t sure they’d be a good destination for a meal so we decided to put a trip to The Guild on hold and head to Burnside Brewing for lunch. As we pulled into Burnside’s parking lot, we realized why we’d been remiss in making a second visit here: they don’t open until after lunch on the weekends. Bummed, but not deterred, we headed east on Burnside, intending to hit up Migration.

We made it just a couple blocks down the road before spying The Guild so we decided to switch gears and try it out. Walking in, cursing myself for not having a couple growlers in the car, we found it to be quiet but with a promising eight-tap line up and a friendly bartender.
With the first pints ordered, Double Mountain Spicy Brown for me and Oakshire O’Dark :30 for Mag, it was time to look at the food menu. Previously the only thing that had caught my eye was the pulled pork Cuban but they also offered a muffuletta. Tweeting out our visit, I found out our food choices were good ones, but also that they apparently offer some rockin’ jambalaya on Tuesdays.

After a great lunch (I’d happily order either sandwich again, although the happy hour snacks available 4-6 sound great, too) and another round of beer we headed out. But not before agreeing this was another spot to add to our list of places to come back to. And you can bet I'll be returning, growlers in hand, before the end of the month to take advantage of the bait I was glad I'd bitten on.

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  1. The Guild, with that kind of menu and ah-inducing beers, sounds amazing. One for Greg and I to hit up some day. I mean, geez, muffuletta and jambalaya...I'm simply making nonsense syllables at this point. Fill up that growler indeed!