Monday, December 12, 2011

Brewing with PBS at Coalition

I’ve never brewed commercially. In fact, I’ve never brewed anything larger than what our standard-sized home brewing set up can handle. And even though that equipment made the cut on what to keep and what to get rid of when we moved to Portland, we haven’t used it since well before the move. Sunday I had the opportunity to help brew, this time in a real brewery, albeit on a small system.

The Saturday prior I had attended a Pink Boots Society meeting where there were a number of LOLA members and other ladies from the local brewing scene. One of the things discussed was what type of brew would be made the following week and in the end the decision was made to go with a chocolate raspberry porter. Besides being a collaborative brew, brewed on the equipment Coalition uses for its Coalator program, the final product is destined to be part of The New School Beer Blog’s New Year’s Eve party. The bash will be held at Burnside Brewing and proceeds will benefit local charities.

Although I wasn’t able to stay the entire time I did get to sample the fresh, hot wort. It was darn tasty, like real maple syrup, although not quite as sweet. The raspberry puree was added near the end of the boil and I look forward to trying it in a couple weeks when it’s ready to be kegged.

Thank you to Coalition for the use of the space and equipment, Great Western Malting for the malt, to Lee for heading up the brewing and to all the great ladies for a few fun hours brewing.

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