Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beer Brawlin'

Concordia Ale House is in the midst of another one of their Beer Brawls. In the current incarnation of the Brawl, they're offering up 12 beers divided into four categories: Pale, IPA, Stout and Brewers Choice (which happens to be imperial IPAs). All of the beers hail from either Oregon, Washington or California and it's up to you after tasting your way through the sampler tray to choose one favorite from each of the four categories.

At this point you might be thinking, "So, I'm just supposed to pick my favorite? Why exactly would I do this?" I'll tell you why: The beers are merely numbered and put in one of the categories. There is no beer name. There is no brewery name.

Once the week-long Brawl is over Concordia will announce the winners from each category. They'll also reveal the names of the beers and the breweries. While I probably won't have a good memory of most of the beers, I will most definitely remember #11, the middle beer in the Brewers Choice category. Last night I was fairly certain of the beer and the brewery who made it. Today I noticed that the Brewers Choice category contained imperial IPAs, which meant I couldn't be right on the beer. But I'm sticking with the brewery - Green Flash. Check back next week to see if I guessed right. In the meantime, hightail it to Concordia Ale House to cast your own vote.

This looks like fun, doesn't it? PLUS, you get oyster crackers!


  1. I liked the #8 Stout the best. No idea what it was though.

    1. #8 was my favorite in the stout category. I didn't think there was much aroma but it had a great toasty flavor without being too dry.