Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flat Tail Does Sours

You know about my love of sour beers. And if you live in, or are familiar with, Portland there's probably one brewery that springs to mind when the topic of sour beers come up: Cascade. That's a perfectly understandable association since that's what they specialize in. That doesn't mean there aren't other brewers making sours. In fact, there are others that are doing a mighty fine job at it and Flat Tail Brewing is one of them.

Thursday night head brewer Dave Marliave brought three of his beers, including one sour, to The Guild for a Meet the Brewer event with #pdxbeergeeks. Their Wild 5 Amber is a blended, 9 month old sour beer and convinced me that Dave knows what he's doing when it comes to sours. I decided right then that if I came across another sour Flat Tail creation I'd make sure to order it.

As it turned out, that opportunity came the next evening at The Beermongers. They were tapping two brews, two different ones than had been available at The Guild: Put a Bird on Wit and Jarabe Caliente! After a quick scan of the beer descriptions, I knew I wanted to try the Jarabe but it took a subsequent, closer read to realize that although the other was a wit, a style I don't particularly enjoy, it was in fact a SOUR wit. That sealed the deal and I couldn't wait for the keg to be put on.

While Put a Bird on Wit was a completely different sour, as one would expect a wit to differ from an amber, I enjoyed it as thoroughly as I had the Wild 5 Amber. I sure hope Dave will be making plenty more of both because I'll be looking for and drinking them as often as I can.


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I've enjoyed everything I've had from Flat Tail. I wish I could have got to meet Dave at The Guild on Thursday and tell him in person.

  2. If Taplister is to be believed, Wild 5 Amber is still on tap at The Guild and I'd guess the Bird will be on for at least another day at The Beermongers. Heck, you could even make it a sour trifecta throwing in a stop at Cascade in between the two.