Friday, May 11, 2012

A Miss, Then a (Gigantic) Hit

Wednesday night was the grand opening of Gigantic Brewing and I couldn't go. Absolutely no how, no way. I was bummed...until I heard from the "lucky folks" that the place was packed. Considering my aversion to crowds, especially when they stand between me and beer, I felt a little better.

I felt even better the next afternoon when Mag informed me that their hours, starting now, included 3 - 9 pm Wed - Sat. That meant they were open! After making the short jaunt down the street I found a fuller than expected tap room and some very tasty beer.
In addition to some guest beers and two of their collaboration beers (Collabo Wabo and Hoppy Hoppy Nano Beer, which I had tried over Zwicklemania weekend) they had three new offerings: The City Never Sleeps Imperial Black Saison, IPA and St. Tennenholz Pale Ale. All three were delicious and I'm looking forward to many more walks down the street to enjoy their brews.

The story here: It's not a real taproom until you have taxidermy (check out the stuffed boar head when you're there), a gun and a bladed weapon.

The full hours. Check out how the days are described.


  1. Awesome! Can't wait to get in there and check it out. I too had no way of getting over there... the beers sound great, and very different than the usual.

  2. They certainly are. In fact I was talking with a guy there who had recently moved back to OR and had only in the last few years really gotten into craft brew (he admitted to being a frequent Heineken drinker previously). I used the Imperial Black Saison as an example as I'm not sure it's even a recognized style but none the less, it's a great beer.