Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hops in My 'Hood: An Update

Determining whether or not summer has actually arrived in Portland seems to be a day to day decision. Last Wednesday was stunning, followed by some not so stunning days and although we've yet to turn the corner today, the weather folks seem to think the sun is on its way back and tomorrow will be another stunner. Regardless of what it feels like, there's no doubt that many plants are in full-on growth mode. This includes the hops in my 'hood.

The hops I labeled "abandoned" in a January post have been stealthily growing along with the hedge, their colors similar with just the shape of their leaves to distinguish between the two. I'll be curious to see if they manage to completely overtake the pole and sign this summer.

The "neglected" hops have taken the lack of use in stride and once again are well on their way to providing a lush, green curtain in the front yard of the house they occupy. Their tendrils reach high and have gone past just making use of the frame, weaving themselves through the slats of the fence.

Both spots are along the regular routes the dog and I traverse so they're easy to keep tabs on. Maybe someday I'll run into the occupants of one of the properties. I'd be quite curious to know if they know what those bright vines in their yards are. I'm not sure I would have years ago, before I discovered the wonders of hop juice.

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  1. Hops seem to be loving this humid weather! Just myself personally, I have noticed a lot more moisture in the air, and I think it is due to the nice morning rains, and cloud breaks during the day. That is prime stuff for vegetation! Hop on I say!