Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pairing Samoas

Samoas are one of my favorite Girl Scout cookies so I suppose it's only fitting that they should be the last of the five beer and cookie pairings for me to test out. If you've been following this mini-series you're familiar with the article that I got the idea from. They suggest pairing Samoas with Maui Brewing CoCoNut Porter, a beer I've enjoyed in the past although I can't say I recall the last time I had one.

The beer, brewed and canned on Maui, pours opaque black without much coconut aroma but just the right amount of coconut flavor. It's a subtle coconut flavor, one that doesn't come across as fake and works well against the backdrop of a porter that is neither too sweet nor too thin.

The cookies are very sweet with a trifecta of coconut, caramel and chocolate. Interestingly, something I didn't find with any of the other pairings, was that the cookies brought out the alcohol presence in the beer. It's particularly interesting because the beer is only 6% ABV. Samoas might be a more difficult to pair cookie than I initially thought. I wouldn't go so far as to say this was an unsuccessful pairing just that another beer might work better. Perhaps if I can restrain myself from eating them all I can try them with another beer. Or perhaps I'll pick up a box of these and give it a go.

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