Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Your Beer Smells Like What?!?

At a recent bottle share talk inevitably turned geeky as we discussed aromas in beer, particularly those aromas that in name might be construed as off-putting or a criticism of the brew. Among those are horse blanket, barnyard/hay and manure, B.O. (body odor) and cat piss (catty or cat urine for the more delicate crowd).

For someone who hasn't noticed these aromas or has smelled "something" but couldn't quite identify it, a fair reaction would be for them to wonder why on earth someone would want to drink a beer with such an aroma.

I recall the first time I smelled something odd but realized that I also loved the beer. It was a firkin of Summit Oatmeal Stout at Firkin Fest 2008 and there was a distinct cheese aroma. Right away we started referring to it as "The Cheese Beer" and I kept going back for more.

Since then I've learned that I enjoy hay and manure aromas, that some of the most delightful IPAs have an impossible-to-ignore stanky B.O. aroma and that yes, even a cat piss aroma is something that won't turn me off from a beer.

Do you have a favorite "stink" that makes you smile when you lift your glass and inhale it?


  1. That manly, sweaty musk from Nelson Sauvin? No. It's one step beyond...

  2. I don't have a favorite stink, but I have enjoyed several beers with a funk...including cat piss and manure. Happy holidays!