Friday, January 3, 2014

Another Year, Another Beer (or three)

A new year is upon us, a clean slate with endless possibilities. I started mine off with a trifecta of big beers from near and far.

Since recovery is best accomplished with delicious grease and beer it was a no brainer to head to Fire on the Mountain for wings and fries, which I accompanied with Humble Brewing's Imperial Pale Ale. If you read my last post you know I'm an IPA girl, not a pale ale girl but taking into consideration that this was an imperial pale ale (8.5% ABV) it ended up having enough heft to suit me just fine.

I got into my regular groove with my next beer - an IPA, ok, really a double IPA. While out beer shopping a couple days prior I ran across DirtWolf from Victory Brewing, a Pennsylvania brewery that generally turns out a fine product. This was as good as other brews I've had from them with a great aroma and hop forward flavor.

Continuing to up the ABV ante and add the proverbial cherry on top, the next beer was dessert. A gift from one of my generous friends, Peanut Butter Porter from Beer Engineers, lived up to expectations. This 12% ABV sipper gave off a pleasant peanut aroma and had a mellow yet pleasant more-vanilla-than-peanut-butter flavor.

I hope your 2014 started out well. Did you kick it off with something(s) new or take comfort in your favorite beer(s)?

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