Saturday, April 19, 2014

New to Me: Spring Beer & Wine Fest

Heathen Brewing Transcend IPA

This year marks the 20th Annual Spring Beer & Wine Fest but for me it was brand new. Why hadn't I gone before? There are a few reasons.
1. It's held indoors and unless there are valid weather reasons preventing a festival being outdoors, that's a bit of a turn off for me.
2. This will sound snobbish but it's a beer and wine festival. Since I'm only interested in the beer part, there will be a lot of it that I will ignore.
3. So often there are just so many things going on that one has to pick the one thing that is the most interesting.

Lake Chelan Gold Hard Cider

What got me to finally go was that a friend had a pre-purchased ticket unexpectedly available at the last minute. Since I didn't have something else I'd already committed to doing I thought, why not? An afternoon of wandering around, drinking beer with friends and nibbling on cheese, chocolate and other samples isn't a half bad way to while away some time.

Dick's Raspberry Belgian Triple

Getting past the fact that the fest is held indoors, it was well laid out with the various "factions" intermingled, encouraging attendees to wander all over instead of just sticking to the beer section or the wine section. I tended to try things from the smaller, out of the Portland metro breweries that I hadn't had many or any beers from before. While I can't say that I found any new diamonds in the rough I certainly enjoyed the experience.

Krauski's Brewskis Powder Stash Imperial Pale

Just before leaving there was a cider panel on the Culinary Stage featuring Abe of Cider Riot, Nat of Reverand Nat's, Daisy of Finnriver and Jeff (I think) of Portland Cider. It was great to hear a bit more about each company and be able to put a story and a face to the company name, something that I suspect will stick with me the next time I'm perusing a cooler of ciders.

Cider Panel

My first experience to this fest was good enough that if someone mentions they're going next year I'll probably see about joining them. Have you been? What are your thoughts on this fest?


  1. Did you get to try any of the infected beer? I didn't go, so I missed that. Dammit.

    1. I don't think so but I'll need more info on what beer/brewery you're talking about. I only used my 10 drink tokens and there were plenty more beers than that there.