Monday, September 29, 2014

PSA: Daily Pint & Growler Discounts

Somehow we've made it nearly to the end of September which means the holidays aren't far behind. Whether you're thinking it might be wise to rein in the beer spending a bit or thinking ahead to showing visitors that we not only have amazing beer here but you can get it for amazing prices, here's a round up of deals on pints and growlers.

$2.50 pints at Fire on the Mountain (3 locations), Lompoc Tavern and Lompoc Oaks Bottom
$3 pints at Migration Brewing

$1 off pints at Culmination Brewing
$8 growler fills at McMenamins (all locations; beer chosen by each location)

$10 growler fills at Culmination Brewing

$2 pints at Base Camp (on select beer until keg blows)
$2.50 pints at Lompoc 5th Q and Lompoc Hedge House
1/2 price pints at EastBurn
$3 pints at Alameda, The Hoppy Brewer and all Rogue Meeting Halls (tiki shirt required)
$10 growler fills at Fire on the Mountain (3 locations) and PDX U-Brew

1/2 price growler fills at Portland Brewing with regular menu item purchase

$3 pints at Burnside Brewing and PDX U-Brew
$8 growler fills at Mad Greek Deli and Occidental Brewing
$10 growler fills at PDX U-Brew

$2 pints at Portland Brewing (after 6pm)

$2 pints at Laurelwood Brewing NE in Brewers Den (after 3pm, one beer until the keg blows)
$2.50 pints at Mad Greek Deli (after 6pm)

$3 pints at Carts on Foster Pod Bar
$9 growler fills at Pints Brewing

2-4-1 growler fills at Portland Brewing

$6 growler fills at Alameda Brewing

$2 pints at The Standard

$3 pints at Sparky's Pizza (SE Belmont)
$8 growler fills at Migration Brewing

$2.50 pints at Martha's inside Revolution Hall (4-6pm)
$3 pints at all Lardo locations (3-6pm)
$3 pints at Sizzle Pie (4-7pm)
$3 pints at My Father's Place (M-F 4-6pm, 10pm-12am)
$7 growler fills at Hot Lips Pizza (after 8pm)
$9 growler fills at 39th Mini Mart (SE 39th Ave; on selected beer of the week)

$9 growler fills at Carts on Foster Pod Bar ($12 for cider)

I'm sure there are a few similar deals on pints and growler fills around town that have gone undetected by my radar. If you know of any ($3 & under pints/$10 & under growler fills), leave a comment and I'll add them to the post. Your fellow drinkers thank you.

Last updates made 7/22/2016


  1. EastBurn: $2.50 select pints all day Tuesday
    Martha's (Revolution Hall): $3 Happy hour pints everyday (~20 decent drafts) - recently changed like 7/15
    Safeway on Hawthorne has growler fills for $9 on...friday I think.
    Mi Mero Mole downtown has $2.50 select pints from 2-6 weekdays (last time there back in May).

  2. The Saturday growler fills at Alameda Brewing increased to $6 effective 7/9/16.