Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hit up Lincoln City for Cooler Temps, Games & [of course] Beer

For many in Oregon summer means taking a trip to the beach. I'm not much of a beach person but then again Oregon's beaches aren't of the Caribbean variety. In fact, when we made the last minute decision to head to the beach a couple weeks ago it was precisely to avoid the heat. The forecast was for the upper 90's all weekend so when we found out a buddy was spending a few days in Lincoln City we decided to join him.

Lincoln City isn't much of a craft beer destination, we knew that going in, but it's also still in Oregon, where craft beer has a way of finding its way into most places. After taking a refreshingly chilly walk on the beach and checking into our motel we met up with our buddy at Rusty Truck Brewing/Roadhouse 101. We'd never been but based on the beers I'd had from them in the past I wasn't expecting much. Without dragging you through all the details suffice it to say that either they've changed brewers or their beer is best when you get it from the source. Either way, it was a pleasant start to an afternoon of drinking. If you find yourself there on a Wednesday there are $8 growler fills or on a Thursday pints are just $3.

Not interested in getting too deep into our cups that early in the afternoon we took a beer break with a round of mini golf at the All American Putt n Bat, conveniently located just up 101. Food and beverage is not allowed on the indoor, 18-hole course and there are a few cheesy holes (when aren't there at putt-putt?) but Hole 18 is worth it. To find out more you'll have to check it out yourself.

With our thirst sufficiently regained we continued up 101 to Game Over to find not only do they have beer, the beer list is pretty decent AND pints are a mere $3. I suppose it makes sense that they don't want you blowing your wad on beer; you have to have money left over to play your choice of pinball, old school games, etc. I'm a pinball fan myself and recommend both the Creature from the Black Lagoon and Lord of the Rings games. Stay away from Circus Voltaire - it was eating quarters when I was there and the staff didn't seem too eager to make that known to other patrons. Perhaps in a "fate will offset things" bit of fortune, in the middle row we found a driving game called Off Road that had 19 credits for the blue car. The game appears to default to taking credits for just one car instead of allowing multiplayer but whatevs. One more game to note is the multi-player Pac Man right inside the door. Grab a couple of friends (or heck, even strangers) and put your Pac Man skills to the test.

Our next stop was planned as the place we'd watch the Timbers game that night - a bar called Aces at the Chinook Winds golf course. As advertised on more than one billboard, they indeed do have 28 taps which when we were there included three from Pelican and two from McKenzie, a brewery we were introduced to at Game Over. Their Twisted Meniscus IPA was a little on the sweet side but good enough to keep ordering it*. Continuing on our game themed afternoon (and waiting for the Timbers game to come on) Mag and our friend Regan used the golf simulator. It's one of those full wall sized deals that you may have seen at golf supply stores to help you select clubs. Pretty cool technology and free of charge. But that's not the only game they're running - there's also corn hole, shuffle board and a pool table, all inside for your enjoyment.

So if you find yourself in Lincoln City looking for some beer and games now you know places that rain or shine, will make for a good time.

*McKenzie is the "outside distribution line for Steelhead Brewery."

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