Thursday, February 11, 2016

Prepping for Festival of the Dark Arts

This is our second year attending Fort George's Festival of the Dark Arts in Astoria. With a festival boasting 60+ stouts it's one that requires a certain amount of preparation.

For me that means:
1. Cross checking my Untappd account to see what I've had (and can skip this time around)
2. Adding all un-drank beers to my Untappd wish list (making on-site check-ins much, much easier)
3. Creating my own day-of plan, putting the lower ABV beers and those I'm most eager to drink at the front of the line (the less interesting ones relegated toward the end so if and when I don't get around to them I won't be crying in my beer the next day)
4. Packing Drinkwel tablets (I'll swear that they really do help out when it comes to big drinking events)
5. Planning for post-fest food (last year we learned Astoria closes up early so this year I'll have plenty of "hotel picnic" food)

If this seems like a lot of work and anal behavior then go about your non-planning plan. I hope it works out for you. For me, this is my best bet to wake up Sunday morning:
A. Happy to have enjoyed the beers I was most looking forward to
B. Able to look back at my check-ins throughout the day (as my memory clouded) to recall what my favorites really were
C. Not hung over

I'm looking forward to seeing plenty of familiar faces at the festival while I know plenty of people will be enjoying Zwickelmania. Both are great events so here's to a delicious Saturday!

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