Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pint & Growler Deals

This fine pint of Guanabana Gose was
enjoyed for a mere $3 at Burnside
last night.
A couple of years ago I put together a listing of deals on pints ($3 and under) and growler fills ($10 and under) around Portland and have periodically made updates to it. In the last week or so enough new deals have cropped up that it warranted a reposting and re-promotion of it.

Because I care.

Because there might be something else you want to spend money on.

Because these places are worth checking out even when it isn't deal day.

So pop on over here to check 'em out, share this vital info with your friends and let me know if there are any missing. If you see a place listed that you haven't been to, the day they offer their deal would be a great one to finally get around to checking them out.

And remember to tip your server WELL (i.e. $1/beer) because not only have they brought you a tasty beer, they've brought you a tasty beer at a great price.

And no one likes a tipping cheapskate.

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